2022 Convention Guest Bands

Applications to perform as a guest band at the NBA-WC 2022 Convention will be accepted beginning September 1st.  Applications are due by October 1st.  Invited bands will be notified by October 14th.

PLEASE NOTE THAT SELECTED BANDS MUST FOLLOW SAFETY PROTOCOLS AS REQUIRED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN OSHKOSH.  This may include masks, bell covers, and increased distance between musicians.

If you have questions, please email John Stewart at stewajo@uwec.edu

– Ensembles may submit recordings from live performances that took place from 2019 to 2021
– Recordings should be live and unedited, and no more than 25 minutes in total length
– Please submit recordings in MP3 format
– Please title recordings as follows: Track_composer_title.mp3
      Example: 01_balmages_moscow_1941.mp3
      NOTE: do not use spaces or special characters in the titles
– Directors will be asked to provide samples of programs from previous years as well as some descriptive data about the program (number of students in band, school size, etc.)

CLICK HERE to submit your online application today!