2019 Convention Presentations

Finding the IT! Characteristics of Effective Music Ensemble Conductors
Presented by Charles Weise
What makes a music ensemble teacher effective? We often “know IT when we see IT, but what is IT and can we be more purposeful in providing IT? Taken from research in and outside of education, this session will provide suggestions on how to be effective for your ensemble. We will also engage and share experiences.

Composing in the Classroom: It Can Be Done
Presented by: Phil Rothschadl
Are you one of those teachers that says, “I just don’t have time to have students compose in the classroom.” or “I don’t think I know enough to teach how to compose”? This session is to help calm the fears of those who don’t think they can teach composition. This session will start with the youngest learners through the most advanced. Some basic ideas will be presented first on manuscript paper and then  progress to using a closed classroom online software called Noteflight. Composing music is not only a national standard, but also a powerful tool in growing our young musicians.

NBA-WC Founders: A Look Back at the Tradition and Development of NBA-WC
A panel of past and present NBA-WC members will discuss the development, history, and tradition of the NBA-WC. There will be an opportunity to share stories, wisdom, and laughs from experiences within the band profession.

Mark Camphouse Presentation (Title TBA)
Mark Camphouse, conductor of the 2019 Intercollegiate Band, will present a clinic on Saturday morning. Title and information coming soon.